Most people have probably never even heard about the nutritional prowess of hemp seed oil, let alone the amazing healing power of Hemp CBD oil.  Even people who do know about both oils don’t really know the difference between the two. In a nutshell, hemp seed oil is (obviously) extracted from the seed, while CBD oil is extracted from the leaves. To learn more about the differences, you can read this piece.


The graphic posted above, while truthfully extolling the virtues of “CBD – Rich Hemp oil” is a bit misleading, imo, because true hemp seed oil (that’s used for beauty products and nutritional purposes, among other things), is NOT particularly rich in CBDs. The “CBD – Rich” part of the hemp plant is the leaf, not the seed. It should also be noted that CBDs and THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) have an inverse relationship. Hence, the lower the THC, the greater the CBD content. I fully expect Hemp CBD oil to become a major medical breakthrough in the coming years but it’s important for people to understand what, exactly, it is, and where it comes from.